The Official Site of Troy Lyndon / Sr. Game Producer & Developer

Troy Lyndon Summary: Experienced Game Producer & Developer of Compelling and Competitive Game Experiences, highly skilled at planning achievable milestones to create and deliver great games, on-time, and on-budget, while facilitating effective and frequent communication with the Team and Management.

Skills as a Game Producer & Developer include Programming/Coding in various languages, Audio, Video & Music Editing/Directing, Image & Animation Editing and more. I enjoy helping team members overcome challenges while acknowledging their achievements. I also find it fulfilling to cultivate a culture of acceptance and participation to facilitate high morale in the face of ongoing, development challenges.

My understanding of finance, accounting, ROI, project management and human resources, with strong communications skills, provide me the tools to become a productive team contributor for the right organization. I enjoy cultivating relationships through team-focused, positive thinking and hard work, while considering the needs of each member.

As for my past roles, I’m most well-known as the President of Park Place Productions, which years ago became the largest independent developer of games in North America, where we developed more than 30 games for 10 of the largest video game publishers.

At Park Place Productions, my most-well known achievements were as the Lead Developer of the first 3D John Madden Football video game, as Producer of the first NHL Hockey game for EA, and many more.

In the past several years to present, for RD Games, I Produced & Developed 4 iOS & Android games, one of which includes multiplayer modes in 7 languages, while another has become the #1 highest-rated Bible Trivia Game.

Throughout my career, I have Produced and/or developed more than 25 successful game titles and was once recognized with the Entrepreneur of the Year award from Inc. Magazine, Merrill Lynch and Ernst & Young.

I love making games that provide gamers with experiences they can enjoy every day.