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Troy Lyndon Inc. has been and remains one of the most prolific production groups in Hawaii. Our values of “Aloha” guide us. Specifically, we love and respect all others while pursuing excellence in everything we do.

Jesus Bible Trivia Challenge Game
Publisher: RD Games (2019)
Platforms: iOS & Android
Built Using: Solar2D (formerly Corona SDK)
Description: Jesus Bible Trivia Challenge is a unique trivia game that tests your knowledge and gives you the opportunity to learn as you play to keep the highest right-answer-accuracy possible! You can play awhile every day for free, forever, but if you answer the questions accurately, you can play straight through until you finish.Interesting Facts: Jesus Bible Trivia Challenge is the most downloaded of the trivia games, exceeding 400,000 downloads and registrations received by more than 100,000 players. Amazingly, the game has held a 4.9 rating since its launch.

Bible Basics Trivia Quiz Game
Publisher: RD Games (2020)
Platforms: iOS & Android
Built Using: Solar2D (formerly Corona SDK)
Description: With 150 questions provided by Dr. Wayne Cordeiro, NHCC President and Pastor, “Bible Basics is a fun and entertaining way to assess the Bible knowledge of our students!” Enjoy going through these trivia questions made for students of New Hope Christian College. Bible Basics is one of several Christian and faith-based trivia quiz games from RD Games that “teaches” what you don’t know by showing you Bible references so you can learn as you answer.Interesting Facts: We designed a special back-end website reporting system for Dr. Cordeiro so he can assess his student’s answers to determine their Bible knowledge and aptitude for learning.

Play The Bible Word Match
Publisher: RD Games (2018)
Platforms: iOS & Android
Built Using: Solar2D (formerly Corona SDK)
Description: Play The Bible Word Match represents a new, modern-day way to read through the Bible, keeping you engaged in our distracting technological culture. The game shows you a full-page Bible reading chart as it tracks your progress. Register and see your worldwide ranking with others! You can use the Hourglass to extend time to answer questions, a Bomb to clear half the answers and the Lightstrike when you’re at your wits end. How well do you know your Bible? Do you have what it takes to play the Bible?
Play the Bible Ultimate Verses
Publisher: RD Games (2017)
Platforms: iOS & Android
Built Using: Solar2D (formerly Corona SDK)
Description: Play The Bible Ultimate Verses was the first biblical game released by RD Games. One major differentiator that sets it apart from all other Bible-related games is the fact that actual Bible text is, without question, the ‘star’ of the game. The game reads outloud to you. It features original articles featuring 24 of the most popular characters from the Bible. The game is available in English, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Mandarin.Interesting Facts: A customized language translation editing system was designed and built to reduce human error and provide an Internet-based editing platform for the developer, a translator, an editor and a project manager.

The following represents the majority of projects throughout Troy Lyndon’s career as either Designer, Developer, Producer and/or Executive Producer. Please inquire should you have any questions.

  • Space Shooter Pro (Unity Tutorial Work)
  • Left Behind I, II, III and IV (PC)
  • Scripture Chess (PC)
  • King Solomon’s Word Games (PC)
  • King Solomon’s Trivia Challenge I & II (PC)
  • Bible Quest – Journey through Genesis (PC)
  • Praise Champion I & II (PC)
  • iLumina Interactive Bible Encyclopedia (PC)
  • Global Missions Atlas Project (Web)
  • 4 Spiritual Laws sites (Web)
  • Jesus Film Internet DVD Game (PC)
  • Simply Vacation (PC)
  • Simply House (PC)
  • ESPN Baseball (Genesis, SNES)
  • Batman Returns (PC)
  • Jeopardy (Genesis, SNES)
  • Dvorak On Typing (PC)
  • Mahammad Ali Boxing (Genesis)
  • NHL Hockey (Genesis, SNES)
  • 3D John Madden Football (Genesis, SNES)
  • ABC Monday Night Football (PC)
  • Dream Team Basketball (PC)
  • Street Fighter (C-64, PC)
  • Sarge (C-64)
  • Speed Rumbler (C-64)
  • Hat Trick (C-64)
  • Sidearms (C-64, PC)
  • 1942 (C-64)
  • Bionic Commando (C-64)
  • Ghosts & Goblins (C-64, PC)
  • Tiger Road (PC)
  • Star Rank Boxing (C-64)
  • GBA Championship Basketball (C-64)
  • Howard the Duck (C-64)
  • Mr. Do! (C-64)
  • Flak (C-64)
  • Lost Tomb (C-64)
  • Snokie (C-64)
  • Time Runner (C-64)
  • Space Quest (TRS-80)
  • Great Wave (TRS-80)
  • Space Voyager (TRS-80)