Privacy Policy

Introduction takes the privacy of our viewers very seriously. We make an effort to only collect the data we need to operate our website. This document explains clearly how we collect, store and share information (if any) that we collect in our website. Should you have any questions about your data please feel free to contact us here.

Acceptance of Terms

By using our website, you accept the policies laid out in this document. Additionally you acknowledge and consent that we will collect, process, store, and share data and explained in this document. If you do not consent you can simply not open our website.


We are constantly adding features and auditing our Privacy Practices. As such this document is likely to change over time. By continuing to read our website your acceptance of these updates is implied.

What Data Do We Collect? And Why?

Information We Collect Automatically

The majority of the information we collect is automatic and based on your usage of our website. This namely consists of:

  • Analytics, information about what you do in the website
  • Device information and identifiers. We collect this information to attribute visits to our website.

Information We DON’T Collect, Inc

  • DOES NOT collect information on your location
  • DOES NOT collect or store your email (except if you contract customer service via email), phone number, address, or any other sensitive personal information
  • DOES NOT collect information about your age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any heath realted information
  • DOES NOT collect your real name (unless it is the same as your username for the above mentioned Game Services. But we do not know if it is your real name)
  • DOES NOT collect biometric information
  • DOES NOT collect internet, search, network activity information
  • DOES NOT collect sensor data, camera, audio, temperature, etc
  • DOES NOT collect Professional or education status

How Do We Collect & Store Data?

The data we collect comes from our website.

It is transmitted over the web, (securely if sensitive), and then stored in world class managed data-centers located in the United States.

If your data being transmitted to or through the United States is not allowed where you live, DO NOT user our website.

What Data Do We Have About You?

Please see the section on what data we collect if you are curious about the kind of data we have on you. If you want to know explicitly what information we have on you personally please contact us here.

What Power Do I Have Over My Data?

Depending on where you live, you have a range of power over your data, but at we currently extend the most common powers to everyone.

Right To Not Have Your Data Sold does not sell data we collect. While some of our partners will not sell your data, some maintain that right, and while that data is minimal, should you wish to limit it’s sale you can disable Advertisements and Push Notifications OR simply DO NOT use our website and you can ensure no data of yours is sold. As our partners update their privacy policies we are always pushing to disable the sale of your data. Should you have a question for one of our partners see their information below in Third Parties.

Third Parties works with a few carefully selected vendors to provide services for it’s website. We DO share information with them as is required to cary out their function. This consists of unique device identifiers, device information, and usage information. Should you wish to learn more please contact us here. NOTE: While may extend data privacy rights to all viewes, our partners are not bound by this requirement and should you not posses the rights of a GDPR customer or CCPA customer they may deny your request.

  • Google analytics

Security only uses world class data centers with matching technical security and ensure our partners do the same. Our organization limits access to information we collect to an extremely limited and trained subset of employees who require access to that information to cary out their job function.


Should you have any questions about this privacy policy, or request to exercise any of your data privacy rights please contact us here.